Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Contemporary Papuan/Papua Painting

At last, the first commercial engagement is signed in late February 2009.

A Sorong-based Hotel and Resort, Klawalu, has agreed to feature one of our design products as the art piece in their property. We call the design Contemporary Papuan Painting which was originally developed and applied to our own showcase property, the Orchid Executive Lounge.

It is a blend of Indonesian Batik style of painting with also a great influence of dot painting style of Australian Aboriginal art.

Much to our regret, our "limited" research on original Papuan Painting style has not been successful in constructing a convincingly distinctive style of traditional painting of Papua. Again, incoherent tribal variation is the culprit. It is our homework left to resolve.

Perhaps, the most recognized traditional art of Papua is Asmat's carving. Hence, we take some of its styling such as block coloring and bold outlining into our design.

In addition, we figure that the closest style of painting which has a strong Pacific feel to it is the Aboriginal dot painting.

We become confident to adopt the style of painting into the design since we can even find similar technique of dot painting in Papuan tribal body painting.

Further, we also think that it is both logical and relevant to blend Indonesian Batik style of painting into the design. You can, in fact, immediately see the similarity and compatibility of the two styles of painting.

Finally, we bring in local items such as native culture, flora and fauna into the design to make it contextual.

Thus, our Contemporary Papuan Painting is not based on the original and native Papuan style of painting (if such thing even exist). The term contemporary precisely means that, an entirely new and modern interpretation of Papuan painting style.

Originally, the style of painting was applied to the Orchid Executive Lounge interior. Thus, the media used was wall paint on cemented wall or plywood partition.

For Klawalu project, we try to experiment with the wall paint on canvas. To our delight, wall paint works well on canvas. It is much faster to dry up than the commonly used oil paint. This is convenient since we have less than a month to complete more than 50 painting pieces with only 1 experienced painter and 4 cameos on the paintbrush.

But more than anything, wall paint give us an economical option for this over-discounted first commercial project.

Presented on this page are some examples:

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